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CotG Newsletter Nov 2014

Interest for Cities on the Grow in the Harvest Festival at Urban Farm Almere, The Netherlands

By Gerben Mol and Simone Verzandvoort, 8 Oct 2014

Cities on the Grow presented itself in the annual harvest festival at the Urban Farm of the city of Almere, The Netherlands, on 21 September. In this annual festival, Almere presents its activities in urban agriculture to the general public, authorities and business partners, by providing an exhibition platform to community food enterprises and NGOs and CSOs engaged in urban agriculture. Cities on the Grow was present at the festival with an information booth, where visitors were asked to respond to the surveys for Community Food Enterprises and Consumers. Around 50 visitors filled out the survey online on the spot; the interest was so large that additional tables and devices had to be made available. The results of the survey will be presented to stakeholders in urban agriculture in Almere and Amsterdam in the Cities on the Grow workshop on October 9th .

Cities on the Grow Knowledge Broker Helen Wright speaks to BBC Radio Berkshire

Cities on the Grow Knowledge Broker Helen Wright shares her views on Reading’s local food scene, our partners at true food co-op and her hopes for the Cities on the Grow project. Listen here:


Council and MP give their backing to Cities on the Grow

Project Co-lead Dr Richard Nunes was recently joined by Alok Sharma MP for Reading West and Ben Burfoot of Reading Borough Council for the launch of the Cities on the Grow surveys.  Our partners at RISC kindly offered to host the launch on the roof of their premises, which also happens to double as a garden. Check out what Reading’s local press had to say about our project.