Our work is organised into the following 5 work packages [click the numbered sections of our diagram for further details].

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Cities on the Grow is informed through research. Together with public, civic and industry partners, we will:
  • Identify policy drivers and barriers to the development of CFEs at each stage of the food cycle;
  • Identify commercially viable business models that enable CFEs to secure their motives; and
  • Co-produce business incubator models that can support both established and start-up CFEs in contributing to the positive climate impact of local food systems and its wider benefits to health & well-being.

Work package 1 | Climate & Environment

Gathers data on climate, resources and the environment for different types of CFEs, identifying those systems with the most climate benefit in relation to other ecosystems services.

Work package 2 | Policy & Governance

Reviews the policy environment for different CFEs, identifying bottlenecks and opportunities across governance arrangements for network support, innovation and funding.

Work package 3 | Market, Consumers & Business

Identifies business and consumer perceptions and motivations, as well as determinants of success, and barriers to the development and professionalization of CFEs.

Work package 4 | Identifying Business Incubator Models

Co-produces business incubator models that can support both established and start-up CFEs.

Work package 5 | Project Co-ordination & Management

Integrates all project activity and outputs with the involvement of project partners, and their associated communities of practice.