Meet the team

Dr Gerben Mol | Project Coordinator; Work Packages 4 & 5 lead

Gerben is a research fellow at Wageningen University, Alterra. He specialises in issues related to urban agriculture, environmental impact assessment, soil quality management and resource use efficiency.

Dr Richard Nunes | Project Co-coordinator; Work Packages 2 & 5 lead

Richard is a lecturer at the University of Reading, Henley Business School. He examines human-environment interactions, whether mediated by citizen actions or institutions, and its effects on the interplay of knowledge and policy development as well as strategic planning processes and outcomes. His work focuses on how and why environmental attitudes, risk perceptions and associated ecological behaviour vary across distinct social and stakeholder groups, different biophysical settings, and diverse places.

Alison Bailey

Dr Alison Bailey | Work Package 3 lead

Alison is associate professor at the University of Reading, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development. The focus of her work is farm business management, including the relationship with agri-environment policy. Alison researches agricultural production systems and the relationship between agriculture, the environment and socio-economic criteria.

Suzanne van der Meulen

Suzanne van der Meulen (MSc) | Work Package 1 lead

Suzanne is a senior researcher, and an adviser on urban water and soil management at Deltares. Suzanne has expertise in urban soil and groundwater quality management. She heads a cross sectoral research program, addressing ecosystem services and assessing the effects of changes in urban, or river basin and biophysical systems on stakeholders and economic sectors.

Alastair Clewer (MA) | Research Officer

Alastair has an MA in Social Development and Sustainable livelihoods from University of Reading. His background is in social development and social policy with a focus upon the relationships between social change, and the political and cultural factors in development, from the international down to community and household level. He works closely with Dr Richard Nunes and Dr Alison Bailey on their work packages (2 & 3), and makes further contributions to the wider project aims.

Gerda Lenselink

Gerda Lenselink (MSc) | Knowledge broker

Gerda specialises in integrated water management. She assists Deltares on the Dutch Delta Programme. She also is involved in Working with Nature (Climate KIC) in finding new business for eco-engineering solutions. In her spare time, she is chair of Almere Foundation Buitenstad and board member of Koninklijke Nederlandse Heidemaatschappij. In these positions, she facilitates the dialogue on food policy in close cooperation with the municipality of Almere, and stimulates urban farming initiatives from citizens of Almere, varying from community gardens to commercial initiatives.

Helen Wright (MSc) | Knowledge broker

Helen has an MSc in food policy from City University. From 2009 to April 2014 she worked at True Food Co-op in Reading, initially on a project increasing the amount of food sourced from local organic farmers and producers and later managing the shop. She has also worked with local community groups working on food issues like Food4Families and Abundance.

Keith Heron (MBA) | Consultant

Keith is a lecturer and co-Director of the MSc Entrepreneurship and Management course at the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship. He moved from the world of business into management education following completion of his MBA at Henley in 2000. Five years in Queensland from 2003 widened his experience in Government SME programmes and University Entrepreneurship module design. Upon return to the UK Keith was recruited by Dragons’ Den’s Peter Jones to create the Pathfinder course for the National Enterprise Academy (NEA), which is now under Peter Jones’ oversight. Keith is an active mentor to several young entrepreneurs, some from the NEA Pathfinder.

Dr Norbert Morawetz | Consultant

Norbert is currently Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Henley Business School, where his research focuses on Technology Entrepreneurship, Team Dynamics and Economics of Creative Industries. Previously he built up the UK’s largest Entrepreneurship programme at the University of Hertfordshire, for which he received the National Enterprise Educator Award from the UK Higher Education Academy. Norbert is the founder and CEO of Team-Match, a wayra/Telefonica funded tech startup.